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Do you think I am playing Ra-Im wrong or out of character? Do you think that I need to review her canon?

Then post here with your comments about how I can improve on her here.

All comments are welcome!


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Threadjack? Feel free to!
Backtag? I'll pretty much backtag forever, unless you want to drop a thread.
Fourth Wall? Depends on the subject, it might freak her out.
Offensive Subjects? OOC not much bothers me, IC talking about her dad's death or acting like small things don't matter might set her off


Fight/Injure? Feel free to! Ask about permanent injury though.
Murder? Ask beforehand.
Hug? Probably would freak her out. Expect her to kick and punch her way out of it, even if you hold her really tight.
Flirt? Feel free to, but she might be oblivious to it!
Kiss or more? Again, she might cause a fuss if you try to unless she starts to get feelings for you. If you want this kind of interaction, just talk to me about it!
Mind reading? She probably doesn't want people poking around her memories.
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Name: Ra-Im Gil
Age: 30
Canon: Secret Garden
Canon Point: Episode 11


http://asianwiki.com/Secret_Garden_(SBS-2010-Korean_Drama) covers up to episode 5 plotwise.


Ra-Im seems like a strong willed woman when it comes to her personal life, however during her work hours as a stuntwoman, we see her act more like one of the guys due to all of the men in her line of work but she's also a lot more submissive to the point that she accepts abuse from the actress that she is doing that stunts for as well as the harsh retorts from the director. We see her often apologising for everything she does wrong, bowing her head and running by the crew repeating her apology over and over. This side of her goes as far as her hiding an injury on her arm after a incident with the main actress, Chae-Rin ends with them both crashing into a pile of props and she ends up getting the most of the blame.

Despite her tomboyish attitude at work, we do see a little bit of a girly side to Ra-Im when she's been praised about something she's done well. We see her move one foot behind the other in a shy motion, we also see her tap the foot behind her shyly sometimes too which is rather hilarious to see when she body swaps with Joo-Won. She doesn't show this side to her too often though she might not even notice that she is doing it sometimes.
She is a little blind when it comes to other people's feelings about her, for example, her action director Jong-Soo has a huge crush on her to the point he buys her tickets to Oska's concert and puts them in her locker but tells her just to take a friend with her. She ends up taking him with her, so while she enjoys the concert we see Jong-Soo taking glances at her throughout. As far as she is concerned, he's more like a family member to her like a brother or a father especially since he was close to her when she lost her father when he saved someone's life during a fire.
In regards to her past, having lost both of her parents is probably what made her into the woman she is today. Someone who tries her best to keep her problems to herself as best as she can, though she does rely on her best friend at times for problems as well. We see a small flashback of her with her father when she met him on her way home and he gives her a stuffed cat toy which she's kept to this day. Her father was a very important part of her life as her mother died after birth so when she lost him at 17, it really tore her apart.
We see an interesting side to her when her friend delivers a vacuum cleaner than Ra-Im won as a prize but declined to take from the shop herself. She ends up driving with it strapped to the back of her motorbike and dropping it at Joo-Won's house before he decides to throw it into the pond. Ra-Im responds by climbing into the pond and fishing it out and carries it back to her bike. It shows that even though she didn't want the prize, it bothered her that he could be so rich or important that he would not care about the essential things to the everyday person.

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